CYRE is a sensory-based brand that explores the hyperreal through scent creation and collaboration. Seeking to transform and balance our surrounds. 

Our Scents
Every scent begins with a concept - a virtual landscape. One that is built on the notes that inspire it: art, experience, experimentation and the surrealistic; where no idea is off-limits. It is an exploration into design and atmosphere. Unapologetic and utopic.
CYRE only formulates with 100% pure rare plant oils. We strongly believe that this is the only way to achieve complex and evocative scents.

The CYRE Vessel
The CYRE vessel is hand blown.
Like water, it is never the same twice and it’s hand made nature means that each piece is unique.
A CYRE vessel can be repurposed into whatever you can imagine, just place it in the fridge to allow any remaining bits of wax to harden and expand then hand wash.

Art & Experiments
Art touches on the indescribable part of experience, something that is core to the CYRE ethos. This is why it is fundamental to CYRE to be a platform for artists and designers, creating space to experiment and interpret together with us.

We aspire to radical open mindedness, and reject the limitations of brand or image, we are always open to interpretation and reinterpretation.