The Sleep ceremony

Emerging art director and assistant producer Chloë Eia Hancock was born in Sydney and grew up in Chicago. Now Living in London, where she drinks vesper martinis, illustrates, micro-naps, and reads lots of books (an incredibly exciting yet tiring set of endeavours), we thought of introducing her to Virgin. Notes of jasmine and hiba wood inspired the birth and photography of this Sleep ceremony, a personal ritual in which Chloë seeks Virgin’s power to restore nighttime balance.

We believe our candles are as unique as their lucky owners. Always open for re-interpretation, CYRE is a tale that never ends, an enigma that carries the stories of those who light them. We’re passionate about wax, and we’re even more fascinated by the personal memories, medicinal rituals and practices of ancient indulgence it unlocks through burning - bringing CYRE candles to the creatives and healers around us, and bringing their stories to you. Read through for the first of our photo-chronicles by our in-house artist and filmmaker Niki Kohandel.

Perform this ritual anytime during the day, setting intentions in advance for the night. 
Wear comfortable clothes where possible. If you are not nearby where you will sleep, find a soft surface to relax on, from which you may visualise your place of rest for the night. 
Light your  Virgin candle, holding it in both hands and locking eyes with the flame.
For when every long day gives way to a short-lived night,
For every unspelt wish that seeks its way in a troubled mind,
Alight my reverence for the love of jasmine and hiba, 
For the soul to feel as the body,
And for the body to dream as the soul.’  

You may repeat those words as many times as you wish. Standing up, elevate the candle above your eye line and walk circling the space of your ritual before you end it by blowing out the flame.

Chloe Starring at the candle flame

The Cornish sea is cold year-round, but I like to jump in - no wetsuit. Every time the shock of the cold water hits me - like a Virgin. Touched for the very first time. When I get my hair wet, and stay in, I hardly notice the cold.

I like sitting at the bottom, 10 feet deep. The water weighing a comfortable 4.33 pounds per square inch. Resting. Happy place. 

On the sand or on the rocks near the water I photograph others in the water. Kissing, Swimming, Sleeping.

Sea Voyeurism, Contact High, Saving It For Later. 

“Believe your eyes. (the Sea!) A place on earth more awesome than anywhere in space.” The Abyss (1989) 

Cornish sea

Smell your potentiality