Spell to Part the Veils

Cyre is a space for experimentation and interpretation, we’re fascinated and informed by historical celebrations, rituals and incantations, but we’re also drawn to the ways that the creatives in our community have incorporated magic and sacred occasions into their practise. Someone once told us ‘the best spells are the ones you make up for yourself’, as with any other form of creativity, the goal is to find your own signature style. To inspire creations of our own, we asked some of the artists we admire to create a spell or ritual, using the sensory power of the Cyre candles. 

This month’s ritual, an advanced spell for parting the veils, comes from Canadian artist and acupuncturist Cameron Buy. Inspired by and using the Monk candle, and weaving the energising pose of Śirsāsana with the rhythms of nature, Buy gives us the tools to gain access to the other realm – all that’s needed from the spell caster is practice and dedication.

 There exists a layering 
Of landscapes,
Both within
And without.

Through discipline, timing and devotion
A superimposition of worlds 
May arise.
Breath by breath,
The veils will part
And distant shores 
Draw nearer.

I think it's important to emphasise that this is an advanced spell – because it is born from a practice. The spell works best with Monk, because the monk also represents the discipline of practice. It's natural that it's not something that can be done casually – but anybody can begin, or continue, their own practice,’ says Buy.

As part of his own practice, which includes art, healing, and yoga, Buy has been studying Śirsāsana with a senior teacher for the past year. Śirsāsana represents an inversion of our energies. Through the pose, our energetic centres are stacked in the opposite direction than most of the day, most importantly the lower centres become stacked above the navel centre – representative of the element of fire. Through the inversion we become a candle – the position allows us to burn away desires, attachments, and avoidances.


A lake, or body of water and Monk candle (water and fire: a union of opposites to create alchemy)


Lemurian quartz crystal

New moon 

Sunset (or sunrise, time of transition)

Śirsāsana practice 

Buy’s video was recorded on the new moon in July of this year, but the spell can be performed at any transitory time of the year, especially Equinox or Solstice, at sunset or sunrise. This is because the veils are thinner at times of transition. Practice and perfect your own Śirsāsana, locate your space, gather your components and begin. 

Through a lifelong exploration of the body as a vessel of transformation, Cameron weaves together (in true tantric fashion) strands from the overlapping and abutting worlds of art, healing, and yoga. Time spent on the lakes and in the forests of southern Ontario have sensitized him to the rhythm of Nature, a pulse he carries into his acupuncture and yoga practice in Toronto, Canada. Cameron holds a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design where he studied drawing, painting, sculpture, and performance. He is a Registered Acupuncturist and has been teaching yoga for the past 10 years.