CYRE is a space for experimentation and interpretation, we’re fascinated and informed by historical celebrations, rituals and incantations, but we’re also drawn to the ways that the creatives in our community have incorporated magic and sacred occasions into their practise. Someone once told us ‘the best spells are the ones you make up for yourself’, as with any other form of creativity, the goal is to find your own signature style. To inspire creations of our own, we asked some of the artists we admire to create a spell or ritual, using the sensory power of the CYRE candles.

Our newest spell, a dreamy teenage ritual for invoking your desires in the moonlight, comes courtesy of artist Kirsty Buchanan.

Full Moon Invocation

Step 1: Visualise

A good way to visualise is to take a piece of paper and write down exactly what you desire from the power of this moon. Be as specific as possible with details, symbols, drawings. 

Step 2: Gratitude

It is also important to reflect on what blessings and gifts you have received from the universe. Give thanks.

Step 3: Objects

Gather objects that represent the four elements; fire, water, air and earth. Add any objects that represent yourself and the specifics of what you want to focus on. You are invited to include any object that feels important or significant to you personally. If something is calling out to you then don’t ignore it. 

Fill a vessel with water, and choose a silver coin of any currency. I found a stash of Swiss Francs for this ritual, and thought it was a good omen, as it’s one of the most stable global currencies.

Choose a candle. For this ritual I’d recommend VIRGIN, as the scent of it invokes the heady smells of fertile flowers in spring but with the earthy Hiba wood grounding us. Focus on the light and bright colours, coordinate the objects with the circularity of the moon and play with textures.

Step 4: Ritual

Put the silver coin into the vessel of water and take it outside to the full moon along with your candle and chosen objects. Align the reflection of the moon with the coin and speak out loud to the moon, declaring your desires and hopes. 

Keep the coin in a safe place until the next full moon.

With a pleasure for the alchemy of materials, Kirsty Buchanan observes the nuances of enclosed domestic spaces, enjoying the cordiality of covert human moments. Mostly working between painting, drawing and film, Buchanan studied Art Philosophy and Contemporary practices at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, then an MAFA at Central Saint Martin's. She graduated from The Drawing Year at The Royal Drawing School in 2013 and is currently based in Amsterdam.