CYRE x Thea Løvstad

The beautiful vessel was a first point of inspiration, it reminded me of home: the Scandinavian archipelago with its soft, rounded rocks, the sea, but also winter when the landscape becomes icy.  The scent of the candles: sensual, pure and nothing like other candles I've smelled previously. This series focuses on sexuality, especially female sexuality and pleasure, in the form of still life. So the water, the colours, the circles, the ice is all symbolism and connotations with the above.  The scents are shot with some talismans pulled from the conceptual world of the candles.

Thea is a Norwegian, London based photographer and eco-artist, specialising in solely working with ethical and sustainable clients within fashion, lifestyle and interior.   Influenced by nature and her upbringing in coastal Kragerø, her style is candid and tactile . She strives to create imagery that convey a sense of tranquility as well as quietly raise questions regarding climate change and consumerism within her photography.

Eros talismans:
Female sexuality, the colour of passion, flowers to reference female pleasure, water and ice imitate the glass of the candle

 Virgin talismans:
White and lace to symbolise rebirth

Monk talismans:
Hint of orange to reference monks, circles drawn from Buddhist teaching to symbolise the circle of life, milk for purity
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