Charlie Tronchot is a Paris-born creative director, photographer, and videographer. Having graduated from ECAL in 2019, Tronchot specialises in fashion and still life photography, where she juggles commissioned work, editorial and personal explorations.

We are are delighted to announce our collaboration with artist Charlie Tronchot. 
CYRE is a sensory-based brand that explores the hyperreal through scent creation and collaboration. Seeking to transform our surroundings.

Each one of our three capsule candles is inspired by a different idea of utopia with notes designed to help you inhabit a desired realm – the mind, the body and the spirit.

We asked Charlie to inhabit the universe of each candle through her lens.

Photography by @charlietronchot
Set design by @paulina_piipponen

Eros Scented candles with essential oils

Eros, with notes of Neroli, Bergamot, Vetiver, Birch, Eros creates a landscape to remove the barriers between ourselves and our corporeal nature, relax inhibitions and broaden sensation.

Monk Natural candles with medicinal plants

Monk, with notes of Palo santo and Frankincense designed to support clarity in how we read the world around us.  Monk calms the mind, creating space for observation, interpretation, and mastery.

Virgin Non-toxic candles with essential oils

Virgin, with notes of Night Jasmine, Neroli, Myrrh and Hiba Wood, its the smell of potentiality. It's midnight in the Garden of Eden. Virgin is an enigma. Fresh and floral, as it burns it transforms and brings forth an earthiness, like the forest after the rain.

Virgin Candles for meditation and yoga with natural fragrance

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Cyre Healing candles with medicinal plants