Memory of the Virtual

MEMORY OF THE VIRTUAL is an experimental film written and directed by Linnea Skoglösa, a multidisciplinary artist, currently studying at Slade School of Fine Art in London. Her work focuses on examining the psychological space where the individual expression confronts the idea of wellbeing and social dystopia.

For the brand launch, we asked Linnea to explore themes of dreams and the unconscious memory. There is a collective memory expressed in the ingredients we use in our scents, they are imbued with their own histories. Part of our early conversations with Linnea were about reaching into the DNA of the individual scents and tapping into that inherited memory, we were very interested in induced states and the unconscious interpretations of the mind.


A film by Linnea Skoglösa
Art direction and sound by Neoblade studio
Talent Zuza Kepa
Costume & set by Emma Alvin
Make up by Lynski



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"I remember my dreams Slowly becoming an idealised abstraction Pouring into the present sea As I melt into its shape Creating a memory of the virtual"